Welcome, I’m happy to have you here! 

Lavender & Honey is dedicated to having conversations on food, cooking, and life. We’ll be making recipes such as butternut squash stuffed bell peppers, curry, baked brie in pastry dough, Swedish cinnamon rolls known as Kanelbullar, matcha chocolate chip muffins, rum flavored ice cream, specialty coffee drinks, and that’s just the start! For me writing about food isn’t only about the recipes, it’s about who you share it with, what you’re going through in life while you make it, savoring the sensations of preparing the food, and the way food can connect people.

Food isn’t just something we eat to get through the day. I have vivid memories of waking up in the early crisp morning to blueberry muffins at my grandparent’s house; standing in line at Café du Monde watching beignets fry, and then trying to bite into them without breathing in the towers of powdered sugar; getting a blueberry cream cheese king cake from Gambino’s Bakery for family birthdays in January; anxiously waiting at Thanksgiving every year for a slice of my family’s traditional raisin meringue pie. It’s not just eating food that provides fond memories, either. Laughing along with someone while you bake a fun treat or having deep conversations while you make dinner can be just as memorable and important.

 Please join me in this celebration of food and life, I look forward to connecting with you!