Pixie Cuts, Youtube, and Chocolate Cream Pie


This past week has been rather interesting for me, to say the least. It started out by starting to vlog (video blog) on Youtube. I decided to start because I was rather scared of it and wanted to get over that fear, I thought I could show another side of myself through video, and I also thought it could be a good way to connect with more people. 

I’ve also been wanting to get a major haircut, a pixie. Due to my Lyme it’s very difficult for me to have hair touching my neck, and it gets rather uncomfortable and painful to leave it in a bun all day. Thursday I went to the hair salon and got all my hair chopped off (which I was thankful was just long enough to donate). It’s such a wonderful change, I love the cut and it feels amazing. The next day I decided to shoot my after video, which I would then edit to compile with a before video I had shot the day prior. 

As of now this video has had almost 500 views, which is astonishing. My first vlog currently has 42 views and my blooper video has 26, so I was expecting something along those lines for my pixie cut video. While it’s amazing to me to know that that many people have watched my video since Friday evening, it’s also kinda uncomfortable. I’m not used to this. While I’m still trying to process this my mom went and checked my stat counter for this blog, and was amazed to find that since Saturday I’ve had 2,232 page loads on my blog and 2,024 people visit it. Apparently it turns out that pixie cuts and chocolate cream pie recipes are  pretty popular topics this week. 

I honestly don’t know what to say. I’m amazed that I’ve had this many views these past few days, and hope that those who are visiting will find something that will help them and that it will bring the Lord glory. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read a post, watch a video, or share something of mine. 

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  • http://nailcentric.net NailCentric

    Chopping your hair is a tough choice to make especially if you have had it forever. I love how the pixie style works for you ♥

    • Rachel

      Yes, it is extremely hard! I knew I liked my hair short, but for me that was around my shoulders. Thank you so much! I’m loving it.

      • http://nailcentric.net NailCentric

        I have done this choice too when five years ago I went from a long hairstyle to a short graduated bob. I loved the bob so much that I have not changed it so far, it has become my signature hair look and if someone is hesitating whether to chop or not, I always say GO :)
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