Hydrogen Peroxide = No More Bronchitis!


This afternoon when I woke up (I had gone to sleep at about 6am) my mom came back to my room to talk to me. My mom told me about hydrogen peroxide might help my bronchitis. I was very unsure about it, “You want me to breathe in that?”.  A few minutes later Caroline finished taking a nebulizer treatment that had a hydrogen peroxide and water combination. Surprisingly Caroline said she felt better than she had since she developed asthma.

I decided even though it sounded weird I was willing to do anything to get rid of this bronchitis. I took the nebulizer treatment with the hydrogen peroxide/water/colloidal silver. It made me cough a lot, but it was a good cough. Once I was done taking it I was surprised how I felt, I have not felt this good in a long time. I have been unable to move much for two weeks due to the bronchitis but after the treatment I was able to walk around the house, clean the kitchen, and talk. I felt normal again!

For the first time since my health started getting bad, when I was nine, I feel like a normal person. This will probably be the first fall/winter since I was nine that I have not had bronchitis over Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. It is amazing what the Lord can do with something so simple. I have much to be thankful for.

Email me at: Rachel at LavenderAndHoney dot net if you have any questions.

Update: Now the I have chronic Lyme disease I can no longer take these treatments which cause extreme detox from the Lyme and makes me very sick. If you have been or plan on taking any of these treatments please be very cautious and not do so if you have adverse side effects.

7 thoughts on “Hydrogen Peroxide = No More Bronchitis!

  1. WOW, how exciting you all! Yes isn’t it so amazing how God moves and works in our lives. So glad for you!

  2. That is soooo exciting!! Yay! :-D So happy for you girl!! <3

  3. Hi, can you post or email me the amount you used (mixture, type of hydrogen peroxide, how often, etc.) or a link to a website explaining how to do this? I’m interested in trying–been suffering from recurring bronchitis and can’t seem to get it to go away for good for at least a year now. Also, I’d love to hear how you are doing now on this. Thanks so much.

  4. Thank you for the comment! I have sent you an email with the information you requested.

  5. Hi , my 10 year old son can really use this right now ,, coukd u email me the info too ?? Thx

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