Peach Cucumber Salsa & Summer Memories

Southern summers are hot and long, seeing a heat index of over 100°f is almost a daily occurrence in Louisiana, unless there’s rain. Therefore, using the oven during the day is not usually a pleasant experience. Thankfully there’s quite a lot of options of what you can do with fresh produce! I love this salsa, it’s […]

Sweet Potato Bowls & a New Diagnosis

I am back from my unplanned hiatus! I did not plan on being away so long, however, this year has been much more hectic than I imagined. This year so far has included many injuries, trips to Jackson Mississippi to see a specialist, 911 calls, ER trips, and regular day-to-day life as a chronically ill […]

Cranberry Custard Pie with Meringue & Decorating the Tree

I’ve always been rather fond of Christmas, it’s such a beautiful and magical time of the year. However, ever since I was eight I’ve often been particularly sick in the autumn and winter due to so many viruses going around and rather long cases of chronic bronchitis. This means I would often miss out on […]